I’ve wrote a testimony here before; but I’ll iterate again. Masi has broken down day trading in a way that makes entry very easy. Otherwise it’s an impossible world to enter, navigate, and sustain successfully. There is a lot of help and material here. Hope for anyone’s sake that is second guessing this to re assess everything from fresh eyes because it’s a rewarding field unlike any other. I started with her as a novice and now as an experienced full time trader I can attest I’ll continue using this service. There is support in this discord that serves someone long after they are self sufficient. Things such as market break downs, being able to ask for key levels on futures to place a trade while being away from setup, it’s invaluable. Not to mention, you create a network of traders who share the same values as you, offers insights to better your trading, or sometimes just a very pleasant group to connect. Keep strong anyone in hesitation and really for your sake give it a fresh pair of eyes again.

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