Hope everyone is doing well. I thought I would be part of this group for a few months before I decided to give a testimonial. I didn’t want a few green days of excitement to cloud my judgement. The Course itself takes you from the basics to the more complex information and is great for all experience levels. The most valuable part about it is that @Masi takes time to answer questions during and after each day. Before joining as an April student I did have some previous knowledge but, in comparison to what I know now… I don’t think I knew much at all. At first I thought the course was a bit pricey but, looking back it’s nothing in relation to the value that @Masi @Nik_Assefa & @Zachskywalk provide. I like that they’re engaging, honest and friendly. They’re providing you knowledge to build a skill that can change your life… like really change your life. I don’t know that I can say you’ve changed my life just yet but, you’ve taken my trading to a new level. For that… I’m so… So thankful!

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