Philip E

Good Morning Team, as my 6 month period on Discord here comes to a close, I have to say, what an amazing group. The Admins @Masi @Nik_Assefa @Sam Singh have been such outstanding mentors. I have been following Masi on You Tube and IG for well over a year and I received a promotion back in Dec 2021 and joined Jan 2022. This year has been my most consistent year to date. I have been day trading for roughly 3 years now and its been a roller coaster. I came to a coming of Jesus moment end of last year and really dove into scalping options and have spent countless hours charting, studying, and putting in the work. I knew if I really wanted to do this, I was going to have to learn on my own. I focused mainly on just having good trades only and not the money and it has been a game changer. With the guidance of the Admins and to other members of the group, I’m well on my way to becoming a successful trader. I will continue my journey with this group and really look forward to the remainder of this year. The information provided within this discord is priceless and everyone is so willing to help those in need. Thanks to everyone that makes this place special. And oh yeah I’m really looking forward to Miami and cant wait to meet some of ya’ll in person!!

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